Néolia: the soap bar unlike the others

Many people have asked us: the main ingredient in the Néolia soap bar is sodium olivate rather than pure olive oil … is that true?

Néolia olive oil soap is a truly unique and high-quality product. The use of sodium olivate differentiates it from other soaps on the market. Because of the process by which it is manufactured, the Néolia olive oil soap bar is classified as a “true olive soap” or even, pure olive oil in a soap bar.

A real olive oil soap is made from a process called saponification. The olive oil used for the saponification is extra virgin olive oil, also called pure olive oil. Néolia contains 17% of it which gives it a prominent place on the market, because to this date, it has the highest concentration in olive oil. The method used to convert olive oil into a bar of soap is much more difficult and unique in comparison to manufacturing soap bars that contain added olive oil.

Often when ingredients such as olive oil extracts are added, it’s only to create a marketing story. It’s a way to promote that the product contains olive oil in its formula without the added cost. Generally, these added ingredients are in minimal quantities and are often found at the end of the ingredient list all the while still making it possible to say that the product contains olive oil.

In most cases, these low amount additions have little impact and are barely noticeable in the performance of the product. In the case of the Néolia soap bar, the saponification of olive oil gives a unique foam that provides rich and creamy characteristics from a natural source. Néolia offers users a gentle formula on even the most sensitive skin and creates an excellent feeling of moisture after use.