Neolia butter and lotion: complementary or seperate entities ?

With a wide range of creams, butters and body lotions on the market, making a smart choice for skin care can become complicated.

In fact, moisturizers contain a combination of humectants and emollients. Humectants have an effect on moisturizing the skin and the ability to retain its water while emollients act on nutrition.

Understanding your skin’s needs and learning to read the ingredient list of a product will ensure you get the best results. Neolia products counter popular beliefs because of their high concentration in oil.

Here is a comparative chart of our products that may enlighten you when it comes to choosing what’s best for your needs:

Body Butter Body Lotion
Nutricious effet on dry skin Moisturizing effect for dehydrated skin
Non greasy and quickly absorbed Its 8% olive oil content gives it a film-forming effect
Ideal in the morning Ideal in the evening due to its long-lasting film-forming effect
Generous and silky texture Anti-drying


All in all, our butters and lotions have been formulated in a complementary way, to fulfil all of your skin’s needs. Now go ahead and take full advantage of that !