The Best Soap for You

The eternal shower and bath question: Bar or body wash? Ask around and you’ll probably get firm answers. Either you are strictly a body wash person or forever loyal to your bar soap.

Here’s our input on the matter:

If you are just looking for a way to get clean at the end of the day, the bar soap is just as effective as your body wash for getting your skin rid of any dirt, oil and bacteria, and it is much cheaper.

If you are looking to maintain your skin’s natural balance, you have to read the labels carefully. Theoretically, a bar can have more of a drying effect because of its main ingredients, and a body wash is generally more pH balanced. However, our Néolia soap is quite unique because of its 17% oil content. That makes it a pretty good alternative to keep moisture in; because let’s be honest, washing is not really made to moisturize.

If you are concerned with bacteria, know that you have to rinse your bar after use and change it regularly (about monthly). If you are using a loofah, rinse it well too and store everything in a dry area.

If you are having extra thoughts for Mother Earth, the plastic bottles used for body washes are not usually the best alternatives for the environment. Think, less packaging the better.

After reading everything available on bars and body washes, you will probably still be sticking to your cleansing ritual but know that in any case, for healthy skin, your post-cleansing routine is as important as your cleansing routine.