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The right steps to take for your skin during a plane trip

Did you know that in the plane the relative humidity is much lower than in our daily environment, which makes the air very dry? A change that makes our skin react, whether it is dry or oily? Dry skin tends to lose more water, which dries it out even more, and oily skin becomes more oily than usual.

In order to keep your skin in optimal condition, we’ve come up with a few good tips to prevent skin dryness before and during your flight:

1- First of all, exfoliate from head to toe.

2- Apply a good moisturizing mask on your face the day before departure, and a moisturizing lotion on the rest of your body.

3- Attention: if you want to wear makeup for the flight, choose organic makeup. Thanks to its organic oils, it will reduce water loss and keep your skin comfortable.

4- If you have oily skin, remember to bring sebum-absorbing sheets. Dehydrated skin tends to secrete even more sebum to compensate for the lack of water.

5- Prepare a small beauty kit, with the essentials such as your cleansing lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, disinfectant gel and of course your hand cream. In general, a maximum of 100 mL is allowed per product, but ask beforehand.

6- Have some spray on hand to pamper your face during the trip, thermal water is recommended.

7- If you have a long flight, think about applying eye patches during the flight, to avoid small wrinkles and dark circles being too visible upon arrival.

8- HYDRATION all the way! We advise you to drink as much water as you like, skin hydration starts from the inside. And of course apply your moisturizer and lip balm as soon as you feel the need.

9- We tend not to worry about the sun’s rays inside the plane, but logically we are closer to the sun, and unfortunately the windows of the planes can not protect us from UV rays. So, choose a moisturizer with a sun protection factor.

10- Once you arrive at your destination, head to the bathroom! What better way to wake up your face than to wash it with your cleanser and fresh water? This way, you can finally feel ready for a new adventure. So, have a good flight and a great vacation!